Making Remote Work Work

25 October 2019

Many companies think they’re already set up for successful remote working. They have all the tools and technology in place. And yet, many people think working from home is simply not as effective as being in the office. Why is that? By shifting our mindset to make office work look like remote work – “Remote First” – we can help everybody to be more productive, whether they work at home full-time, at the office full-time, or a mixture of both.

In this talk, I’ll show how remote work increases productivity, improves hiring and retention, and can really help your diversity and inclusion efforts. We’ll look at both synchronous and asynchronous communication – when to use each, and how to use them successfully. Along the way we’ll look at plenty of examples from my time working full-time remote at Stack Overflow, and subsequently leading distributed teams across multiple countries.

We’ll also look at the personal challenges of working remote, and how to overcome them, and dispel some myths about what “collaboration” means.

Ultimately, this is all about setting teams up for success, wherever people choose to work.

This talk was given at Codemotion Milan on 25th October 2019.