How Twitter makes me feel sometimes

30 July 2013

Maybe I have too much of a depressive personality to be on Twitter, or maybe I just need to get out more often. It’s often very useful - I have found many useful links and connected with some interesting people. However, there’s something about the constant competition for attention, and the way follower metrics are given such prominence on people’s profiles, that often leaves me feeling sad - and then stupid for being so vain and wasting so much of my time.

It seems you have to have a high level of self-belief and confidence to make the most of Twitter - or if not, that’s the impression you have to give anyway.

I believe it’s healthy to let the mask slip occasionally. I am not always happy and I do experience quite intense negative emotions from time to time. And if I’m feeling a bit low, this is what Twitter looks likes to me:

connect tab

your friend

not following

you wish you were me

Just another trigger for my curmudgeonliness - yet that doesn’t stop me coming back. I must be some kind of masochist.

The @EveryTweet_Ever account is hugely cathartic for me - highly recommended.

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(And if you want to improve my self esteem, here I am: @alexwarren)

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