3 July 2013

Go to school. Behave. Do what the teacher says.

Pass exams. Get a job.

Go to work. Behave. Do what the boss says. Get paid. Spend money. Buy nice things. You’ve earned it.

Annual review. Promotion. Increased responsibility.

Mortgage. Wedding. Kids. Car. Gym membership. Health insurance. Pension. Gotta catch ‘em all. Tick those boxes. Fill in those forms.

Happiness. Security.

Busy. Important. Work all day. Hectic lifestyle. Meetings. Short evenings. Sometimes a few drinks. Go to bed. Get up. Work all day. Work late. Another short evening. Go to bed. Get up. Work. Nearly the weekend. Sandwich at desk. Work. Go to bed.

Saturday. Tidy up a bit. Maybe see friends. Alcohol. Sunday. Television. Hangover. Garden centre. Bed. That was quick. Roll on next weekend.

Obey. Finish document. Dress code. Sit through presentation. Fill in timesheet. Send holiday request form to HR.

Follow the path established by others. Maybe you’ll be manager, some day.

Do not attract attention. Blend in.

Do not take risks.

Do not think.