Today is Day One. What now?

1 July 2013

My history is irrelevant.

I like to imagine I’ve just started playing a text adventure of my own life. It begins right now. I start the game in my current location, I can see various things, and I have many options for places I can go and things I can do.

I also have an inventory. Things that I own. Money. Other “assets” such as knowledge, skills, and relationships with other people.

The objective is… well, one of the objectives is figuring out what the objective is. What does it mean to win this game, and how can I go about it? What interesting parts of this game world might I be able to open up by working out how to use my resources effectively?

Everything that has happened before now is unimportant. That’s just back story. There might be some interesting information in there - things that I can learn from, tips to help me progress through the game - but I am free to play this game as I please. I don’t have to be consistent with my own back story.

Doing this exercise can be a wake-up call. I did it once and quit my job the next day. It was entirely unexpected. But it was absolutely the right thing to do. Continuing a job with no future, purely for the sake of consistency, would not have been the way I’d have played a game that began that day.

Try it yourself.

It’s day one. Begin.