Try throwing away some stuff

24 June 2013

Alex Kristofcak has an interesting idea:

To fight the plague of accumulating crap I came up with a business idea: after you sign up, you get an empty box in the mail with a paid return label every month. You fill it up with stuff you don’t need and send it back. You then get a $10 check.

We’ve been decluttering our house for the past few months. We’ve got rid of a whole load books and useless old gadgets. Novelty lamps. A blender. Vases. Cameras. Suitcases we never used. We’ve got rid of furniture.

We’ve gone through our cupboards. I had old computers from the 1980s in there that I was never realistically going to get out again. There were old DVD players and VHS recorders.

Every little thing. Even a teapot we didn’t need. We already had another one - who needs two teapots?

Rachel even got rid of most of her CD collection. I’m still too sentimental to get rid of mine - even though I rarely listen to CDs these days. Maybe one day.

The extra space has meant we can get by living in our fairly small house for a long time. That’s a huge money saving. It’s also good for the mind - freeing ourselves of the guilt of not using all our stuff is hugely liberating. We can get on living our lives as they are, without sharing our home with past versions of ourselves, or indeed, the fantasy versions of ourselves who in our imaginations would one day actually use all these things.