Raise a glass

20 June 2013

BBC News reports on a 34-year-old woman being refused alcohol. Not normally news:

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives was refused alcohol at a Bruce Springsteen concert - because the barman did not believe she was over 18.

Ruth Davidson was at the concert in Hampden Park in Glasgow on Tuesday evening with the Tory MP David Mundell.

She went to the bar to buy Mr Mundell a beer but did not have any ID when the barman queried her age.

Ms Davidson, who is 34, joked about the incident on Twitter after being turned away.

She tweeted: "I got kb'd for not having ID trying to buy Mundell a beer at the Springsteen gig. He's 51. I'm clearly #34goingon17 #underage".

The Tory leader said the incident had "made her week".

Yes, being denied a basic adult freedom - LOL!

Quite clearly from the picture on the website, Ruth Davidson is not 17 years old, and the barman could presumably clearly see that. But he is under orders to treat every customer as a child until proven otherwise, and has no reason to use any discretion or judgement. There is a procedure to be followed and he must comply, and the rules are there for a reason, because could you imagine the carnage if a 17 year old ever got their hands on a bottle of beer?

So yes, let’s raise a glass to a culture that treat adults like children, where anybody in employment is discouraged from thinking for themselves. Just the kind of thing to put a spring in your step, apparently, if you’re a Tory leader.