Live tweeting

20 June 2013

I was at an event the other evening, which had an official hashtag as any self-respecting event must these days.

I particularly enjoyed this contribution to the live twitter stream, which was being beamed to a screen behind the speakers:


After all, what is the point of just condensing and relaying the things you’re listening to directly onto your Twitter feed? Anybody who cares is going to be at the event anyway. And if they couldn’t make the event, is the equivalent of a typed-out amateur radio commentary really going to provide much in the way of valuable information?

Even if you’re aiming to provide opinions and feedback, why not just slow down a little? Take notes, take a bit of time to gather your thoughts, sleep on it, and invest the small amount of time it takes to come up with a cogent and interesting argument in a blog post. It will live on the internet far longer than a transient tweet, and stands a much better chance of actually being useful to somebody.