QuestComp 2013 - the entries are in!

16 June 2013
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The entries for QuestComp 2013 are now in! They are:

Worship the Pig by Heal Butcher

Pest by Jonathan Estis

Over to organiser, Evan Williams:

Score as 1 - 10, mark any discussion threads in the forum appropriately so people aren't led into spoilers accidentally, and I encourage you to post reviews on the game's page.

Since things are already off-kilter, we'll judge until we're done judging, but no more than a month from now.

If anyone else pops in and says, "hey, I got my game finished!" I'll leave it up to the judges whether they want to review the late entries.

Here are the rules for judges:

    • Judges are encouraged to play each game as long as they want and try to finish each one. However, they are not required to finish before voting (especially if the game takes more than about 1-1/2 to 2 hours). There is no minimum time length that must be spent on each game.
    • There is currently no minimum number of games which must be played to qualify the judges’ votes.
    • Anyone may judge.
    • Games should be scored on a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being best.
    • Judges may discuss the games during the judging period, but should clearly mark posts/topics, for the benefit of those who want to avoid spoilers.
    • Beta-testers are allowed to vote on the entries they beta-tested.

So, please play the games and submit your votes by emailing Evan Williams at [email protected]