Quest 5.3 is released

14 January 2013
This post was originally published on the blog.

Quest 5.3 is now available. You can download the Windows version, or you can use it in any web browser.

A quick recap of what’s new:

  • automatic map generation
  • web fonts
  • cover art
  • text effects
  • background images
  • changeable player "point of view" object
  • light and dark rooms and objects
  • automatic display verbs
  • new UI for Windows player (identical to the web-based version)
  • Windows player UI is now powered by Chromium

For full details on all of these, see the beta announcement which goes into more depth.

Many thanks once again to Phillip Zolla, Pertex, James Gregory, Aleksandar Hummel and Jay Nabonne for code and contributions towards this release.

Don’t forget, Quest is completely free and open-source software. If you want to get involved, please take a look at the CodePlex site where you can find all the source code and the issue tracker.

I’m working full-time on Quest again for at least the next few months, so hopefully you can look forward to some exciting new features and more announcements. If you’d like to show your support, you can help me work on Quest by making a donation.

Thanks for all your support so far - even if you can’t contribute code or donate money, you can help by simply using Quest, releasing games and giving your feedback. Please keep it coming - and help to make Quest 5.4 even more awesome!