Upcoming text adventure competitions

9 July 2012
This post was originally published on the textadventures.co.uk blog.

If you want to expand the audience for your text adventure game, and have the chance of winning something unusual (or maybe even some money), consider entering it into a competition - of which there are a few coming up.

The IFComp is now in its 18th year. People have already donated prizes which range from a $100 Amazon gift certificate to a box of Belgian chocolates and a remote tarot reading. (I would expect even more to be donated over the next few months - check out last year’s list). Sign up by 1st September, and ensure you submit your entry by 29th September. This is a great way of getting feedback on your game too, as there are usually a lot of detailed reviews posted of the IFComp games.

There is also a competition called Herbtslaub for German language games. Quest fully supports creating games in German, so why not give it a go if it’s a language you speak - prizes so far are a Matchbox car (for all participants) and a 7” vinyl single, which already sounds more exciting than the couple of books that were on offer last year.

You should be able to enter these competitions by submitting the .quest file that is generated when you use the Publish tool in Quest. You don’t have to publish your game on textadventures.co.uk if that would break competition rules - if you want your game to be playable online without having its own review page on this website, contact me and I’ll upload your game to a separate area of the website and send you a link.

Let me know about any other text adventure/interactive fiction competitions and I’ll link to them from this blog. Good luck!