Easier logins at textadventures.co.uk

27 March 2012
This post was originally published on the textadventures.co.uk blog.

You can now log in to textadventures.co.uk using your Facebook account, and there’s also (finally) a “Remember me” option if you’re logging in to the site directly.

Until recently, you only needed a login for submitting games or comments, but now that you can save your progress while playing online, and even create games, it made sense to make logging in as easy as possible.

Nobody likes having to come up with and remember passwords, or go through the hassle of setting up accounts and waiting for activation emails. The new Facebook login eliminates all of that - it will create an account on the website for you and log you in with one click.

It doesn’t ask for any permissions - just basic information, which is essentially just your name and Facebook ID.

(Note that if you already have an account on the site, logging in with Facebook will create a separate new account - if there is demand for it, I’ll add a feature letting you link a Facebook account to an existing login)

Any questions or problems please let me know!