Quest 5.1 now available

11 January 2012
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Quest 5.1 is now available.

The new version of Quest features the following improvements below (mostly copied from the beta announcement, so apologies if this is all familiar!)

  • Enhanced Game Browser. You can now see star ratings, and read reviews and comments, directly within Quest. You also have more control - from the Options window, you can change the download folder, and enable or disable the Sandpit and Adult categories. Also, the Adult category option can be "locked out" with a registry setting (see "Configuring Quest" on the wiki for details) - handy if you're rolling out Quest on a school network for example.
  • Simple Mode. Hides Quest's more advanced functionality in the Editor - great for beginners, or for using Quest with younger children. The Editor becomes stripped right down to the basics - only rooms and objects are displayed in the tree, without the distracting "clutter" of functions, walkthroughs and so on. The Script Editor is cut down so only the most important script commands are displayed when adding a command. But full power is only ever a click away - you can toggle Simple Mode on or off at any time from the Tools menu.
  • Walkthrough Enhancements. You can now include walkthroughs in published .quest files, and the new walkthrough assertions feature allows you to create automated tests. See Walkthrough Assertions on the wiki for details.
  • Loops. There is a new "while" loop, and a new¬†step parameter for "for".
  • Use/Give. These have been moved to their own tab in the object editor, which is now more flexible. There are now separate lists for "Use (other object) on this" and "Use this on (other object)", so you can set up a "use A on B" relationship from either A or B.
  • Hyperlinks. You can now customise the look of hyperlink menus - change the menu fonts and colours, and turn link underlining on or off. It's now easier to create custom hyperlinks - the new ObjectLink function makes it easier to create an object hyperlink, and the new CommandLink function lets you create a hyperlink that will run any command.
  • Metadata. From the game editor, you can now enter a description and choose a category. There is a new game ID which will be used to uniquely identify a game. This will make it possible to upload a game to without having to re-enter descriptions etc. on the web upload form.
  • Better error reporting. Error messages are now more detailed, so if your game won't load you should have a better idea why. If Quest crashes, you can now submit an error report online.
  • Comments in the Editor. Script comments (lines beginning with "//") are no longer stripped away when you open an ASLX file in the Editor - comments are now viewable in the Script Editor, and you can add and edit them.
  • Videos now automatically start.
  • You can now turn off sounds from the Options window.

Full upgrade notes are available on the wiki.

Download Quest 5.1