Quest in Education - "Changing the Game" conference

14 November 2011
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I’ll be at the “Changing the Game” conference in Birmingham this Thursday (17th November), which is all about getting students learning through playing and creating games. Kristian Still will be presenting a session on his school’s experiences with using Interactive Fiction and Quest, and then it’s my turn - I’ll be presenting a quick overview of Quest, showing how quick and easy it is to get started. Do say hello if you’re there!

Even the Prime Minister David Cameron is now saying that the UK needs to do more to teach programming in schools, so it seems like a good time to reiterate my commitment to making Quest a great platform for teaching the fundamentals of programming.

It is already being used in a few schools for a variety of age groups and subjects - not just ICT, but also in English where text adventures can be a part of creative writing. It can also be used for teaching Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) - it currently has language libraries for English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Pupils can get started using Quest’s visual editor with no programming experience, but along the way they will be exposed to various programming concepts, such as variables, functions, loops, expressions, objects, etc. The underlying Quest scripting language is pretty powerful, so it can be used for quite a large range of ages and abilities.

I’ve created a new Education category on this blog, where you can find my previous posts which go into more detail.

I’ve also set up a new Education forum, so teachers can come together to share their ideas and experiences of Quest in the classroom.