Quest 5.0.1 released

13 October 2011
This post was originally published on the blog.

The first bug-fix release of Quest 5 is now available - download Quest 5.0.1 here.

I’m pretty pleased that nothing too major was discovered in the v5.0 release, so thanks once again to the beta testers!

Here’s what’s new and what’s fixed:

  • New feature: Players can now customise fonts and colours for a game from the new Options window.
  • New feature: Container "open" and "close" messages can be customised per container.
  • Improved: More useful error messages if Quest can't load a game file due to an error in one of your scripts.
  • Fixed: Various issues with Quest 4 games - locked exits in CAS files, sounds in ZIP files, and timers running at the wrong time.
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in the Editor which could cause Quest to hang when switching to/from the Code View with large games.
For the full list, see the Closed Quest 5.0.1 Items on the Issue Tracker.