Quest 5.0 Release Candidate 1

4 August 2011
This post was originally published on the blog.

In the week since Beta 4 was released, 24 issues have been closed on the Issue Tracker, most of which have been relatively minor bugs. I have reached the magic zero mark again, so it’s time for the first release candidate, which you can download now.

A few minor features did make it through:

  • Quest now uses the JAWS API to speak all text aloud if you're using the JAWS screen reader
  • It's now easier to lock and unlock exits from a script
  • You can look in directions (contribution by Stephen Hart)
  • You can now edit "ask" and "tell" topics
  • It's now easier to disable the object panes
  • Objects can now be cloned by a script
  • Added a function to tell if an object inherits a particular type
Being a release candidate means in theory that if no bugs are found, I won't need to update the setup file for the final release - this could be the one. I do expect there will probably be more bugs logged over the coming week or so though, and I still need to update the documentation, so I'm not saying "this is it!" just yet - I expect that the final release will be available towards the end of August.