Quest 5.0 WebPlayer Demos

19 March 2011
This post was originally published on the blog.

I put together a couple of demonstrations of Quest 5.0 WebPlayer features for last weekend’s IF Demo Fair at PAX East in Boston. One of the themes was “innovative user interfaces for text/story-based games”, so the demos briefly show a few things that the Javascript interface makes possible:

  • hyperlinks in a game for interacting with objects
  • embedding a YouTube video
  • creating a whole new UI, such as a split-screen text adventure

You can see the demos here, along with some background on why I think web browsers are going to be the standard way to interact with text adventure games in the future.

Emily Short has written an overview of all the interface demos at the fair, and I think it’s clear that web browsers have a lot of potential for creating intuitive, interesting and innovative games of this type. I do believe that modern browser-based games could even return text adventures to some level of mainstream popularity. So I’m feeling quite optimistic right now about the future of Quest 5.0, which puts the web browser right at its core - but of course there’s still a lot of work to do!