Quest 4 is now free

3 January 2011
This post was originally published on the blog.

With Quest 5.0 currently under development as free and open-source software, it doesn’t make much sense to continue trying to sell copies of Quest Pro 4.x. So I’m happy to announce that the new release, version 4.1.4 is now available and is completely free.

There is no longer a separate Quest Pro product. Instead, all of the benefits of that edition have been folded into the free version. So, Quest 4.1.4 is now free and includes:

  • an unrestricted version of the editor, QDK - you can now make games as big as you like
  • the Quest Compiler, which lets you encrypt your ASL file so players can't edit your game
  • the Quest Packager, which lets you turn your game into a stand-alone Setup EXE file for Windows machines

There have also been a handful of bug fixes, both from this version and from version 4.1.3, which was only quietly announced on the forums:

  • CAS resources: Fixed bug where subsequent calls to get an embedded picture or sound would fail. Also the performance of extracting resources has been improved.
  • In games written for Quest 3.1 and earlier, object "look" scripts would not run.
  • In QDK, when changing the game default font size, editing existing text would result in it being saved at the old font size. Also when editing text containing bold, italic and underline tags, formatting information could be lost.
  • Deleting a verb from an object didn't work.

You can download Quest 4.1.4 from