Hong Kong Day 8 - A Night at the Races

8 October 2009

Wednesday 7th October

We left the hostel in the early afternoon for a fast food breakfast/lunch of Takoyaki - fried balls of various seafood served with toppings of your choice. Mine was similar to soy sauce which had something of a Marmite taste to it. Good job I like Marmite.

A lot of museums are free on Wednesdays so we opted for the Museum of Art near the harbour. Plenty of ancient pottery and paintings, a pleasant enough way to spend half an hour or so before we started to get bored.

At a restaurant for dinner we had authentic versions of the type of Chinese food we’re used to back in the UK. Sweet and sour tasted no different to usual, but crispy duck pancakes were made using just the skin - the duck meat went into a separate dish which you then wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

Then a trip to the races. Betting on horses with the Hong Kong Jockey Club is the only legal form of gambling in Hong Kong, and the crowds were massive and mixed - plenty of serious-looking locals here studying the racing pages of their newspapers, plenty of noisy tourists drinking beer, plenty of slick-haired besuited twats.

Nick won about 70p on a bet on the favourite to place (i.e. come in the top 3), and me & Rachel bet on the silliest-named horse “Megabucks” to place at about 5 to 1, and he came quite near the back.

It was interesting to experience but we didn’t fancy staying around for long, so we went back to the hostel and picked up some snacks along the way. I’ve grown quite fond of the waffle ball things that are available on many a street corner. Nick was rather less fond of the pig’s ear that he tried - all gristle. Glad I gave that one a miss.