Hong Kong Day 3 - Bone Crunchin' Good

3 October 2009

Friday 2nd October

A rather shorter day than yesterday. I finally woke up at about 3pm - it seemed like I’d reverted to UK time and would have to recover from jet lag all over again. We didn’t leave the hostel until about 6 and it was already getting dark.

We went to a cheap and slightly grotty place for breakfast, by which I mean lunch, by which I mean dinner. We had a prawn dish and a couple of chicken dishes - one very spicy, the other much like a KFC really, except for the boney pieces of chicken they used. We wondered why all the chicken meals we’ve had in Hong Kong have been gristly and boney - what did they do with all the chicken breasts? I think they must use all the chicken feet and internal organs and so forth, then say “chicken breasts? Who the hell wants to eat a chicken’s tits?? DISGUSTING!” and then chuck them in the nearest bin.

Our quest for free wi-fi sadly had us resorting to a Starbucks. We sat and made vague plans for our remaining week in Hong Kong - touristy stuff on Hong Kong Island on Saturday, hiking on Sunday, and a trip to Macau at some point.

We went to a place for desserts. I had blobs of ice cream in gelatinous rice, all in a sesame soup. I thought it was OK though I couldn’t manage all the sesame soup - it’s quite a sweet, black liquid and I thought it would be better condensed into a small amount of thick sauce rather than a big gloopy soup.

On the way back we passed a sweet shop and Will bought a huge amount of pork and beef jerky. They also sell sweetened duck kidneys which sounds intriguing. Will says they’re good. I might pick up a bag for the office. It would certainly be different, and I probably wouldn’t have to buy very many - indeed I’d probably be excused from buying any kind of sweets for my colleagues ever again.