Off to Hong Kong next week!

22 September 2009

I’m off to Hong Kong next Monday (28th September). I’m not particularly well-travelled - apart from a holiday in Mauritius seven years ago, I’ve never even left Europe, so it’s a pretty exciting trip.

With hopefully plenty of wi-fi to go round, I should be able to update my blog and Twitter while I’m over there. In the interests of preparation, this is blog post is basically just a test of two things - one, can I upload a picture successfully through the WordPress iPhone app, and two, does TwitterFeed pick up the post and put a link on Twitter (and hence Facebook) properly. After all, I’d hate for anyone to miss out on any of my ramblings. Hmm, this “web 2.0” stuff is really all about self-indulgence, isn’t it?

In fact, test one has failed spectacularly already. I’d typed this post into the WordPress app on my iPhone, which then promptly lost it. What a sack of unreliable, buggy crap. Data loss is completely inexcusable in any application, even if it is free. From now on I’ll know to type blog posts into the Notes app first, then paste it across.

So if all goes to plan you should see a photo below. It’s a slightly unreal photo of my back garden, created using lots of individual photos which were then stitched together using the AutoStitch app, available on the iTunes app store. It’s pretty nifty. And if all doesn’t go to plan, presumably all you’ll see below is a blank space. After my earlier experience I haven’t got massively high hopes…