Quest 4.0.5 is now available

25 April 2009
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Quest 4.0.5 is now available.

If you’re a Quest Pro user, you can download your update from the “My Downloads” area at

Otherwise you can download Quest 4.0.5 from

This is a bug-fix release, which addresses the following bugs:

  • fixed various crashes when running using JAWS.
  • when connecting to a QuestNet game with a blank title, Quest wouldn’t successfully connect to the game.
  • when double-clicking a QSG file in Explorer, if the ASL/CAS file was not found and you chose not to find it, quest.exe would remain running in the background.
  • The word “and” was hard-coded (for room descriptions “You can see …, … and …”). This has now been added to the LDF file so it can be translated.
  • Variable names containing capital letters could cause a run-time error.
  • If a game contained parameters with no end-of-parameter “>” character, no error would be reported.

QuestNet Server

  • “disconnect” admin command didn’t work.


  • No changes.

Other changes

  • QuestNet Server is no longer being actively developed - I am currently working on the next major version of Quest, version 4.1, and this will not include QuestNet Server. Unless any bugs are found, this will be the last version of QuestNet Server. The “Pro” version is now included with Quest Pro, and is no longer available for sale separately.
  • There is a slight change to the version numbering convention - this version is called 4.0.5 instead of 4.05.