Eating Starburst as one of your "five a day"

16 March 2009

Starburst (a.k.a Opal Fruits, if you insist, but come on – they changed the name in 1998) now have “50% more fruit juice”.

Which made me wonder, how much Starburst would you have to eat for it to count as one of your “five a day” fruit and vegetables?

  • There 45 grams per pack.
  • According to the ingredients, the fruit juice content is 13%
  • So that makes 5.85g of fruit juice per pack

Now, 250ml of fruit juice is one of your “five a day”. Assuming that’s about 250g of juice, that means you would need to consume over 42 packs for it to count.

Or to put it another way, nearly 2 kilos of Starburst.

So that is how much Starburst the government recommends you eat, per day. Yes. That is what Gordon Brown himself has decided is the correct daily intake.

And with 403 calories per 100g, you’ll consume 7750 calories (3.1 times your Recommended Daily Allowance), and with 61.2g of sugar per 100g, you’ll consume 1.176kg of sugar. Which might contribute slightly to the obesity problem but at least you’ll be eating at least one fifth of the fruit and vegetables you require, and that’s good because they’re full of antioxidants and stuff.