An email from a lazy student

2 March 2009

I just got this email from a lazy Computer Science student:

From: s***[email protected]
Sent: 01 March 2009 22:10
To: [email protected]
Subject: hey!


i waz jus goin through and i came across ur id so i thought u might b able to help me.m a first year computer science student.i recently got ma java assignment which requires me to develop a text based interactive game using bluej.i hv already started coding ma game bt m stuck now.i dont knw how to add objects in to game.i will rly appreciate if u could help me wid this.m rly confused n nervous n da assignment is due this month.

hope to hear frm u soon

take care



Of course, I’ve got not much else to do except homework for random lazy students who can’t even type properly. Just a shame I know nothing about Java, otherwise I’d be only too keen to assist the dismal no-hoper.