Edinburgh - the last few days

16 August 2008

I’ve just performed the last of my 10 Edinburgh gigs - 8 “Of Mics and Men” and 2 other open mic spots. It’s been a very good experience, and having a constant daily slot at the same venue has been massively helpful for honing my technique. As I said in my earlier post, audience sizes have been variable, and for the two gigs I did today they were rather drunk and shouty, but I think I’ve managed to cope quite well.

I have seen 19 shows, as far as I can recall, and despite my initial plan only 2 of them were free. That’s not going to be a pleasant credit card bill, but it has been a hell of a lot of fun and most of the shows have been excellent - I’ll post some full reviews when I get back, as typing them on an iPhone keyboard while the drunks of Edinburgh shout outside the window on this Saturday night would just send me into a frenzied rage.

I’ve been getting up at noon all week, and going to bed at about 4am, usually after seeing one of the late shows. To my mind these are the correct times for my natural sleep cycle. Annoyingly we have to check out of the hostel at 10am tomorrow and I don’t think my body clock’s going to like that much. Or having to go back to work. The rest of my brain might take some time to adjust too, after a diet of constant comedy for a week.

I don’t think I’ll miss this hostel much though. It’s fucking loud out there with all the drunken shouting and there are some fireworks going off out there as well. It’s midnight and I need to go to sleep soon so I can get up and check out in time, but I don’t think it’s going to quieten down for a while. After the last Edinburgh festival, I wrote on this blog that I’d like to stay somewhere more central next time. If anything we’re far too central. Far, far too central. There must be a happy medium that permits both easy access and the ability to, you know, actually go to sleep. The relative tranquility of Forest Hill will be a welcome relief. In the meantime, thank heavens for earplugs.