Edinburgh 2008 - the first few days

12 August 2008

So we got to Edinburgh eventually on Saturday, despite the best efforts of the twunts who nicked the signalling cables at Grantham, thus royally screwing up the whole East Coast Main Line.

The hostel we’re staying in is pretty basic. We have an en-suite bathroom but the room overlooks an alleyway that can get pretty noisy with drunks staggering past and groups of teenagers gathering, as they are right now while I’m trying to type this.

The show I’m performing in is in the Haymarket area which is about a 25 minute walk away and is also a little rough in parts. Some unseen assailant threw an egg at my chin yesterday while I was walking to the gig. What a fucking fuckwitted fuck. It wasn’t so much the pain or the dent to my pride that hurt most, it was the waste of food - that’s a chicken’s entire day’s work wasted.

We’ve been getting wildly varying crowd sizes - from about 5 to 20 people - and wildly varying amounts in the collection bucket afterwards, seemingly uncorrelated to the crowd size. The shows themselves have been getting better and better - I’m noticing a marked improvement in my own performance even after only four days. Just shows that it’s all about practice.

Flyering is a pain in the constant rain. A portable hair dryer has been a star purchase for drying out my shoes, but I suppose I really should have brought along some waterproof ones in the first place.