The Wheel of Death

10 February 2008

Sainsbury’s food has a “Wheel of Health” pie chart thing on it, which tells you how bad for you it is. It has colour-coded segments for calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

About the only thing brightening up my shopping trips since they introduced this system has been the hunt for the “Wheel of Death” - with all the segments red. Usually their cakes come pretty close, but are hampered by a lack of salt. But today my quest is at an end, for I have found the holy grail in Sydenham, in the shape of an Oriental Meal for Two.

It’s a shame they’ve tried to mitigate the Wheel of Death with a feeble attempt to tell us that it is, in fact, free of MSG, hydrogenated fats and arsenic. But they’re not fooling anyone. It will basically kill you.