Annoying adverts on the tube

8 January 2007

Here are a couple of adverts that have been annoying me while I’ve been travelling on the London Underground:

“Confidence” says this advert in large letters. “Don’t rush the good things. Prolong the pleasure”. Unfortunately the picture tells us something different - they certainly look pleased with themselves, but why are they still fully clothed?

There are two interpretations of the picture:

  • The guy fell asleep before any activity took place. His girlfriend finds this quite amusing.
  • They like to practice safe sex by keeping their clothes on. Maybe they are afraid of other lovers or parents walking in, or perhaps they have particularly gruesome sexually-transmitted infections which means they prefer not to even think about each other’s genitals.

“The song that makes you call the friends your girlfriend doesn’t like”.

I really hate this advert. There’s something about the smug smile on his face that makes me want to smack him in the mouth very, very hard. What is he thinking? “This is the song that me and Pete played in the car after we picked up those prostitutes”.

This is one of a series of adverts with a theme of “Music gets you talking”. No it doesn’t. No song has ever made me want to phone anybody. Mobile phones have lots of functions these days, but that’s not a reason for advertising to claim that some of these functions are related. “Playing a game makes you start taking photos”? No. “Video calling gets you browsing the internet”? No. About the only one I could accept would be “The built-in organiser reminds you to call your mum.”