AutoSave in QDK 4.0

15 November 2006
This post was originally published on the blog.

QDK 4.0 includes a new feature called AutoSave, which will automatically create a backup copies of your game.

To configure AutoSave, click Tools, Options and then click the AutoSave tab.

By default, a backup copy will be saved every 10 minutes, and QDK will keep the last three backups. This means you can easily go back to a previous version of your game if you realise you have made a mistake.

With QDK currently being in Beta, you may find that you experience the occasional crash. Of course, you should let me know about these, but if you turn on AutoSave you can easily recover your work. In fact while using the Beta, you might want to change the setting so it saves every?minute, and keep the last, say, 10 copies of your ASL file.

If you’ve not signed up for the beta yet, there’s still time to do so - just send an email to [email protected]. If you’ve already applied but don’t seem to have had a reply, please check your spam filter or send me another email.